Our Factory

Lake Vico seen from the Cimini Hills

Our Factory is located in the industrial estate of Carbognano (Viterbo), the agriculture heart of the Cimini hills on the eastern slopes of the volcanic lake of Vico.

Our Plant was built mainly during the late nineties and nowadays extends over a land of more than 25,000 square metres.

Bird’s-eye view of our factory.

One of our many quality controls

Our departments are divided as follow: Goods acceptance, Production, Packaging, Storage and Commercial Offices.

Our goods acceptance area is situated at the entrance of our factory and is responsible to weigh the hazelnuts on arrival and also to perform a first screening of the product. This first control will enable us to decide whether to stock the goods ready for our production department or in case of high level of moisture place the hazelnuts in our industrial dryers to reduce the moisture level.

Production department is situated in our main building and fulfils different tasks in accordance to the type of finished product needed (Raw or Roasted). The main stages of production are: shelling, calibration, screening/sorting, toasting, peeling and transformation as semi-finished product ( Grain, Flour and Paste).

Above toasted hazelnuts coming out the oven

Our packaging department

Finished product passes at this point to the packaging department where it is packed in aluminium bags by vacuum packing method or according to customer’s request in others types of packaging such as cardboard boxes, plastic bags or metal buckets. All the materials used in our packaging are “food-grade” and  meets the highest food safety standards approved by the  European Commission.

Finally the packaged product will be stored in our cold rooms or in our warehouses waiting to be delivered or collected by our clients.

Our experienced staff will welcome you in our offices and will be more than happy to satisfy any request or need that you might have.