Our History

Bio Nocciola was established in 1999 but to understand who we are and what we do today, we need to go back at the beginning of our journey, many years ago. We are a three generations hazelnut farmers that since the end of the Second World War specialised in processing and exporting hazelnuts.


The first Toparini’s warehouse in Caprarola.

Capraola from above with Palazzo Farnese and gardens in the foreground.

In the early 50s the first warehouse for storage and shelling hazelnuts of the Toparni’s family opened in Caprarola (Viterbo) by Francesco Toparini. With great passion and many sacrifices, Francesco led the company until the eldest daughter Maria took over the family business together with husband Luigi Bruziches.

In the 70s, due to a constant increase in production, Toparini’s moved to a larger warehouses, adjacent to the village of Caprarola. For the following three decades Maria and Luigi worked tireless to expand and strengthen the family company founded by Francesco and also to raise the next generation, who eventually would take over the business in the years to follow.

In 1999 from an idea of Angelo and Vittoria, son and daughter of Maria and Luigi,  Bio Nocciola was born, company which primary intent was to sell organic hazelnuts and its semi-finished products.                                                                In the early 2000s, Bio Nocciola assimilated Toparini’s company founded by Angelo and Vittoria’s grandfather and this coincided with the construction of our new factory located on the outskirts of Carbognano‘s village (Viterbo). To this date our plant expands on a land of over 25,000 square metres.

Our Plant situated on the outskirts of Carbognano (Viterbo).

Quality of our products is at the heart of what we do.

Today Bio Nocciola not only maintains its organic line but continues in sourcing and processing local, national and foreign hazelnuts. This in order to meet the ever increasing demand for hazelnut products in the World market.

Bio Nocciola firmly position itself in the first 10 places in Europe for Hazelnut products.  In the last 15 years our company’s capacity has grown by more than 10 times.

Our strength finds its roots in our history, in the experience accumulated over six decades. Experience that goes from cultivation to process a jewel of our lands, the Hazelnut.