What we do and how we do it

Bird’s-eye view during the harvest


        The harvest period is certainly one of the most important in the hazelnut’s supply chain. This happens in our region from the second half of August until beginning of Autumn, when the hazelnut fruit has reached full maturity and falls naturally to the ground. This period can change depending the previous months weather, country and different type of cultivation and harvesting practices. It is a very important period because farmers can see the results of the hard work of the past year.

At Bio Nocciola we know very well this moment because we are farmers and our three generations experience allows us to understand in advance what is the hazelnut market trend, not only locally but worldwide.

Drying process

            When the hazelnuts arrive at our factory one of the first qualitative checks that we carry out is to measure the moisture percentage. This allows us to decide whether the hazelnuts can be stored ready for production or otherwise put in one of our several industrial dryers for the period needed to reach the correct level of moisture. This drying process takes place at temperatures of about 30/40 degrees and helps to preserve the hazelnuts for a longer period. It also helps to clean the hazelnut shell from possible soil remains attached to it.

Inside the wooden shell we find the heart of the hazelnut

Shelling and Calibration

    The Hazelnuts when ready, pass to our production department where the shell is removed by mechanically splitting it in half in order to extract the fruit inside, the heart of the hazelnut. This procedure is carried out with great care to ensure we preserve the whole nut while maintaining the product’s traceability.

One of the most important priorities for Bio Nocciola is to guarantee the origins of the Hazelnuts from the moment of harvesting to the moment exits our plant as finished product.

The hazelnut kernels at this point need to be calibrated, in order to be selected for the type of finished product. We separate the hazelnuts mainly in two groups depending on the size: less than 11mm and between 11mm and 16mm. The first is used for semi-finished products (grain, flour and Pasta), the second is generally for sale as whole hazelnut (toasted or raw).



The sorting/screening is an essential passage to ensure a qualitative homogeneity of our product before is sold or transformed in one of our semi-finished product (Grain, Flour or Paste). For this reason, Bio Nocciola not only has experienced staff that have received a the suitable training, but uses optical and lasers based machines of the latest generation. The combination of a human experience and knowledge with the latest technology in this field allows us to eliminate infiltration of foreign bodies and low-quality hazelnuts in our finished products.

Our staff during the sorting/screening process

The latest technology is used to guarantee the product quality

Toasted hazelnuts on a cooling belt


Roasting is the process of cooking the whole hazelnuts in the oven, this not only allows to better preserve the hazelnut but also to exalt its flavour and aroma. Our latest generations ovens allow us to run the roasting process with different parameters and consequently prepare a product that is completely tailored according to our customer’s need. One of Bio Nocciola many strengths is  being capable to satisfy any requests of our customers by creating a product suitable to their need.

Transformation to Semi-Finished products

         Bio Nocciola transform the whole hazelnuts in grain, flour and Paste. The freshly roasted hazelnuts are first peeled of their skin then chopped. Depending on the degree of grinding we obtain grain (above 1mm) or flour (less than 1mm). Hazelnuts grain is further refined by high-tech machines to produce a paste that is homogeneous and of a high quality. All these procedures can be modified to create a finished product that meets the demands of our customers.

Our semi-finished products are Grain, flour and Paste


      Bio Nocciola not only applies the highest standard of quality control during any production stage but also when it comes to packaging. All the materials used in our packaging are “food-grade” and meets the highest food safety standards approved by the  European Commission. Within the pages of each of our products we list all the packages that Bio Nocciola uses. As already mentioned previously our priority is to satisfy any customer’s request, so we are more than willing to create or supply packaging materials that fit any of your need.

Quality Controls

From when the hazelnut enters our factory and throughout each process described above, Bio Nocciola performs multiple and rigorous qualitative checks via manual controls by our experts and laboratory analysis to ensure we have a finished product of the highest quality.

In our laboratory we perform several tests to guarantee the highest product quality

Our most experienced staff check the hazelnuts at each step